The Person

I grew up in Columbia, MD where I learned to create pots on the wheel at the age of thirteen. Although this was not my first experience with clay, its effect was profound.

I continued to make pots in a school environment until I graduated in 1997 with a BFA from Guilford College. After graduating, I moved to Atlanta, GA and began making pots full time.

During those two years in Atlanta, I had work published in two books, was accepted to various exhibitions, and received a Purchase Award from Skutt Kilns for my piece, Dancing Teapot. My work has also been published in Ceramic Monthly.

Currently, I am back in Greensboro, NC teaching at Guilford College, making pots, and exhibiting.

 The Process

My last semester in college I had an idea to make a teapot that reflected the feeling of a woman wearing a long flowing dress turning about...spinning with that dress floating off the ground, rippling.  It took me a few months to find a way to capture that motion in the clay.  Its creation was a breakthough for the way I would approach making pots.  Looking to the outside world for inspiration in form and surface.

Most of my pieces are thrown on a potters wheel then cut, squeezed or pushed into a new shape.  This process is called altering and allows me to capture a sense of motion in the pots.